Everything that stands. Part 1

Everything that stands. Part 1

Will Haines was running, terror pushing him forward, lungs burning and body aching with fatigue. They would not be far behind, slowly shifting towards him just out of sight in the shadows. Light shone from under a door to his left which brought him to an abrupt stop, he tried the handle, but like so many of the doors before this one it was locked. The sound of something scraping behind him in the darkness stopped his heavy breathing in an instant. Silence greeted him. Continuing down the corridor Will looked for somewhere he could hide and get some rest from this nightmare.

Ahead of him a glimmer of hope formed in the shape of a door stood slightly ajar, a slither of light forming across the corridor floor.  He approached with caution, trying the handle of the door opposite before moving any closer, but it too was locked.

With a deep breath he pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

From what little luminance there was within he could make out a dresser to his right and a bed to his left. As he moved further into the Hotel room the source of the light became more apparent and cascaded out from the far side of the bed. A table lamp must have been knocked over and was lying on the floor, as the light came from the far corner on the floor. Stepping further into the room he noticed something forming a shadow at the foot of the bed and bent down to get a better look. The black object changed shape as his eyes grew accustomed to the light and his heart quickened its beating when it changed form again, from just an object to the outline of a gun. With a smile he reached forward and picked it up.

From his squat position he could make out the back end of a torch poking out of the dishevelled bedcovers that hung half off the bed. Reaching forward he pulled it towards him, bringing a trail of dark and sticky substance that he had grown so used to seeing. With the bulb end of the torch uncovered, the room lit up and revealed a bed of crimson bodily fluids, the previous occupant laid half in, half out of the bed. The legs, which he could only guess were male, were still on the bed with the upper torso twisted over the side. As if being awakened by the light the body slipped further off the bed. He raised the gun and the torch together searching for any more movement, and waited. Time stood still as he remained focused on the half hidden body.

Slowly a head began to appear in front of him, its blonde hair turned red down the right side of its face, the hair stuck to the jawline with blood. He shone the light into its eyes, and the same empty bloodshot look he had faced so many times before, stared right back at him. Without pause he pulled the trigger and the wall behind exploded with shower of violent gore. Will let out the breath he had been holding and did a sweep of the room with the torch’s beam. Nothing else moved, he backed away and moved the beam towards the door.

Any chance of using the room as a place to rest vanished as he shone the light on the open door, as from the look of it the door had been kicked in and wood hung splintered from the hinge. Reluctantly he edged back out into the corridor.

With the torch he was now able to make out more of his surroundings. To his right the corridor ended just ahead, joining another corridor round to the right. He turned to his left and was greeted by a wall of bodies caked in all manner of filth, he panicked and fired a shot into the oncoming crowd, but they continued toward him on their slow approach. Tucking the torch under his arm he tried the handle of the door in front of him again, but it still would not yield.

A crash from the horror soaked room behind him made him twirl one hundred and eighty degrees, pulling the gun and torch up towards the open door. At the back of the room the bed covers were moving, a hand reaching out pulling the figure underneath slowly towards him. He turned the light back towards the oncoming creatures, they were still quite a way off, but he could not even begin to count their numbers. The beam traced all the way across the corridor to the other direction. From the turn in the corridor a hand reached out and grabbed the corner of the wall dragging its owner into sight. Shining the beam back and forth between his three options only added to his panic, and with all his other options exhausted he dropped the torch and reached behind him to try the door one last time. It still did not give. He took a deep breath and weighed the gun up in his hand.

‘Fuck it!’ He leant back against the door and put the barrel under his chin.

His balance gave way as the door opened inwards behind him, sending him tumbling back into the room. He hit the floor hard, knocking the gun from his hand and forcing all the air out of his lungs. As his body fought for oxygen, his eyes struggled to adjust to the change of light, the setting sun beating down through the window behind him. He heard the door slam and footsteps moving towards him. All hope gone, he relaxed and awaited for the onslaught of hungry mouths.



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